Illustration research assignment

12 02 2011

While looking through one of my brother’s back issues of Wired magazine, I stumbled across an article titled The Geek Justice League.  I was actually drawn in more by the illustration that accompanied it.  Upon first glance, I thought the illustration was a John K. illustration, John K being John Kricfalusi, the creator of Ren and Stimpy, and needless to say, it grabbed my attention, being a big Ren and Stimpy fan.

The article was a tongue-in-cheek write up about ideas for superhero alter egos for the heads of some of the top technological companies, including Google, Amazon, Windows, Oracle and Facebook.  Artist Daniel Krall did a great job of capturing the essence of John K. while capturing the likenesses of each of the ‘superheroes’ (at least, the one’s whose faces weren’t behind a mask.)  Each character has the logo of their respective company, making them easily distinguishable within the composition.  The superhero in the forefront, is what would draw the average person into the article, as the arm band prominently highlights the trademark Facebook ‘f’ logo.

The artist uses great line work to create the illusion of depth in the composition, while also keeping a quite hectic piece, from seeming too busy.  The lines also have an interesting quality with a varying thickness on a single line, giving it the feeling of movement.  The colour palette was quite simple, using shades of greens and blues that normally wouldn’t be used together.  It was also interesting the way the artist has some of the characters bouncing outside of the ‘frame’, keeping the eye moving throughout the entire page.











This image and article are from Wired magazine, Issue 18.05, May 2010 –

Written by  Mike Senese –

Illustrated by  Daniel Krall –




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