DVD Final

26 10 2010

Here’s the final product.

The idea’s pretty straight-forward; a bird cage.  And of course, contained within the cage is the same bird from the poster.  The DVD case also keeps the same main colours of the poster:  the deep red and silhouetted bird in black.  I really wanted to keep it simple like my poster, and I felt that having the reverse image of the bird on the back really made it feel like you were looking at the other side of the same bird cage.

Although I originally planned on using metal for the cage itself, over the past week, I realized that I just couldn’t do it justice with the tools at hand, so I instead settled on a case made out of card in the shape of the cage with die-cuts for the cage spokes, as I always wanted to integrate the design on the DVD case, with the outside view as well.  I etched the words ‘The Birds’ on the front in the same font as the title on the poster.  I originally thought of using the same ‘logo’ from the poster with the bird on the d in Birds, but decided it would look much too cramped.

The dvd case opens from the bottom, and pulling out the DVD, again, very simple.  It folds open to reveal the two discs, one with the head of the raven, and the other with the head of director, Alfred Hitchcock.




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