Movie Poster – Presentable Roughs

28 09 2010

So here are the presentable roughs for The Birds movie poster.  I’ve kept them very simple.  Although they aren’t complete yet, all that’s missing is the detail on some things.   It’s pretty much what you see is what you get.  I know which one I’m leaning towards, but I’d love to hear some input on it.

As I said, I’m keeping them very simple, because I find Hitchcock films, especially The Birds, often have a very simple premise behind them.  His films are often creepy, than scary, and make you look at things differently after you’ve seen them.  I’ve kept a very clean, white background for them all to keep with the theme of simplicity, and think that it is achieved quite well.  Two of the poster ideas are simply black and white, with silhouettes and shadows.

Design 1 – As a fan of Hitchcock, I think the design with the shadow of his name revealing the movie title, is almost an homage to the dark side that I imagine him to have had.  The silhouette of the single raven sitting on his name, is meant to be reminiscent of the scene in the movie where the single raven lands on the jungle gym outside of the school, before the real mayhem starts in Bodega Bay.  I contemplated having the whole flock of the birds, but I found that the single silhouette had a more ominous presence.

Design 2 – Much along the same lines as the previous design, the single raven silhouette on the word is meant to remind of the scene with the jungle gym outside the Bodega Bay School.  The original design (as you can see in my previous post) had MANY birds sitting on the letters, but upon doing that, it just felt muddled and hectic, and quite simply, not as eerie as the single bird seems.  The huge presence of white space is meant to represent the calm before the storm.  This is also the only one of my three presentable roughs, that doesn’t focus on Hitchcock, but solely on the movie itself.

Design 3 – Quite possibly the most famous scene in the movie (aside from the final scene, perhaps) the phone booth is one that has been parodied in countless movies and TV shows.  I wanted to show the aftermath on the phone booth once Melanie had left the booth, possibly even Bodega Bay.  A simple colour scheme, pretty much picked straight from the movie, is meant to give the viewer the feeling of Melanie being trapped in the booth.




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