Movie Poster – Preliminary Roughs

21 09 2010

Here are the preliminary roughs for assignment 1a, a movie poster for a classic movie.  I chose Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. I have also included a poster of the original as a reference.

The ideas I have so far are fairly different from one another, but one thing that they do have in common is that they all have a lot of white space (save one).  I wanted it to be very minimal on the page, as I find that Hitchcock’s films are very simple in their premise for the most part, and I wanted to get that point across with these posters.  I also wanted to give a sense of the unsettling feeling of the birds in the film, which is why I have images like a big bird head in one, or a bunch of birds blocking the text in another.  I also wanted to give a sense of the power that the birds have, either by using multiple birds or a single bird in a lot of negative space.  Some of the images have my writing on them just indicating a detail or what have you.





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